Helpful Hints For Creating An Essay On Why Silence Against Violence Is A Sin

Violence is a sin and it should not be tolerated at any cost. Violence comes in so many forms. However, in most cases it goes unreported because of the fear associated with reporting. The silence against violence is one hot topic that students can get for their essays.

How do they go about writing that essay? The silence on violence is a wide topic. There are so many topics that students can come up with just from the simple keywords given. Here are helpful hints:

Choosing a unique problem and not a general one

Experts have always advised that students should avoid researching on general topics. In most instances, the general topics are usually over searched. There is nothing new to report about it. Conduct an informal research on the current trends surrounding the topic before settling for one.

Gathering of information

This is the most time consuming process. Based on the topic chosen, you will need to read widely and extensively. Note taking and organization are necessary skill at this point. This will make it easy when it comes to the actual essay writing.

Support it with facts and statistics from reliable sources

After topic selection, get facts and statistics to support your claims. As a matter of fact, problem solutions texts must be supported by valid arguments. While describing the problem, there is need to prove that the problem exists. It is important to borrow the statistics and fats from credible and reliable sources. The Internet is a good source of information too. By using the supporting claims, the readers can easily relate.

Write down the possible solutions

It is now time to develop the solutions to the problem. One should write realistic solutions. Utopian ideas such as global piece should be avoided. The solutions provided should be accompanied by supporting facts. This can be done by conducting a thorough literature review.

Show your emotions as you write

Always write with some emotion. Invoking emotions into your piece of work is evidence that you are seriously worried about the problem. This will win the public sympathy.

Writing the actual essay

Develop the thesis statement and the outline. In some instances, the guidelines and outline to be followed may have been issued. It is important to follow all the instructions given. After drafting the essay, revise the draft and make the necessary corrections. Hand it an essay that is error free.

Writing guides: