How To Write A 7th Grade Expository Essay: Practical Suggestions

Students of 7th grade enter into a new writing world. They learn new ways of technical writing. Moreover, the concept of formal, informal, friendly, argumentative writing and critique is introduced to them. They become completely familiar with organizing and evaluating the data. The use of participles, present, past, future and progressive tense is also known to them. They are big enough to utilize the reference sources, i.e. dictionary.

They use creative language to describe their viewpoints. You should never underestimate a seventh grader as his writing can have a professional touch. All they need is a little guidance to sharpen their capabilities and skills. No matter, what topic has given to them, they would surely deal with it. They know their audience, therefore, they use logical sequence and using their ideas they addressee purpose and focus on their main idea.

You do not have to be amazed by seeing a creative art. They are the masters of language and have a he source of vocabulary and variety.

If you are having problem in an assignment of an expository essay, then you do not have to worry much. Because you have this potential to write any kind of essay.

According to a recent research, students of seventh grade can easily develop a sense of writing. They can write all kinds using their interactive methods and creative skills. Moreover, an average student can easily write 500-700 words in 45 minutes.

If you are supposed to write an expository essay, then following are the tips that will help you.

The purpose of such kind of paper is to deliver information or to look for a solution to a problem. They generally contain five paragraphs.

  • - An introduction
  • - 3 paragraphs of body
  • - Concluding paragraph


The introduction contains a thesis statement and a definition of the topic.


The three body paragraphs have a topic sentence and at least one supporting idea. Each paragraph contains a transitional hook in the end.


The concluding paragraph also must contain a thesis statement i.e. purpose of writing your paper. You have to repeat your thesis statement in the concluding paragraph. Not only this, you would have to prove your thesis statement in the last paragraph.


It includes the techniques of using your resources and the search methods.

Post writing

This phase includes editing, and proofreading.

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