Writing A Great Problem Solution Essay About Technology In An Hour

With a deadline looming, students need to complete their problem solution essay as quickly as possible. Fortunately, there are many techniques that students can use to finish their writing in just minutes. By using these tips, students can complete a decent essay before their due date. For a better grade, students should try to get their essay completed sooner so that they have extra time for editing. If this is not possible, students can still complete an acceptable piece of writing in just a short amount of time.

Create an Outline

Although it seems counterintuitive, the amount of time spent creating an outline will actually save students time later on. An outline is basically a guide for the entire essay. With an outline, the student does not have to worry about writers' block. Instead of getting lost as they begin writing the paper, they will be able to know exactly what will come next.

In a good outline, the student should write out a thesis statement and an introduction. Each body paragraph should include a topic sentence that continues the argument. These topic sentences should be supported with two or three pieces of research.

Doing the Research

The main issue with writing an essay in a short amount of time is completing the research. Students should use some of the quotes and data from class to speed up the research process. Since students cannot spend time looking through hundreds of books, they should just use quotes from two or three texts. Students should pick one that seems usable and not worry too much if it is actually perfect for the paper. At the end of the essay, students should add extra sources so that it looks like they actually performed a lot more research. If the student is short on time, they can use some of the bibliography sources from an example that they find online.

Start Writing

The research and outline should only take 10 to 20 minutes if the student wants to complete their assignment in time. Afterward, they have to immediately start writing. To make it easier to write, the student should find a quiet place to work that is devoid of any distractions. As the student writers, they should not worry too much about the quality. The student does not have time to agonize over every word in their technology essay. If the student is lucky, they can read through it before they turn it in. If not, they will at least have a paper that satisfies the basic word count. It is much better to turn in a sub-par paper and get a partial grade than not getting a grade on the assignment at all.

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