Better Alone Than In Bad Company: Essay Topics List For College Students

George Washington quoted that “it is better to be alone than in bad company”. When you are asked to write an essay on this topic, there are a few different ways that you can take it. The main idea is that if you are around bad people, you are better off to be all alone. Coming up with a topic to write this type of paper on can be difficult. You need to create a focal point that works to prove this concept. Here is a list of topics that you can use.

  • - Use in the workplace
  • - Bullying
  • - Peer pressure
  • - Teamwork
  • - Gangs
  • - Proverbs
  • - Personal statement
  • - Meaning
  • - Culture
  • - Psychology

You can look at this quote and apply it to various topics. For example, maybe you want to apply it to the workplace. The word “company” does not apply to a business but this phrase can be used to discuss how a business can use this phrase.

If you are going to use it to apply to a business setting, there are a few points that you can use. This example will help you apply the quote to any topic that you decide to write about.

  1. 1. If a company decides to hire bad workers, they can face large risks. Bad employees can upset the customers and lead to loss in business. Managers need to know how to choose the right employees and shouldn’t hire just anyone to fill a spot.
  2. 2. A company is better off with people they can trust. Sometimes you have to do the job yourself if you don’t have people that you can trust.

The idea is to apply this concept that focuses on the need to keep good people around you and apply it to your topic. You will use this idea to create your thesis or the main point that your paper will be on and then work to prove it. So, if you were going to apply this theory to business, you can say something like “it is so important to make sure that you hire good employees or they may hurt your business instead of help it”. Then you will work to prove it. You would talk about the quote in the introduction and show how this idea applies to your philosophy.

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