A Step-By-Step Guide On Composing An Essay About Leadership In Nursing

Nursing leadership requires patience and perseverance. Quite in the same manner, writing an essay on leadership in nursing and midwife jobs requires much patience. You need to do deep research to come up with an interesting and insightful write-up. Here’s how you should manage the task without taking anyone’s help.

Read a lot of case studying

You know reading a lot of books and articles written by other students actually instil the qualities of a good writer in you. If you are studying nursing and healthcare management, you should read a lot of case studies to know how frontline healthcare workers have dealt with tricky situations in the past. You can start by reading case studies that can be found in your college library. Widen your search afterwards and search for medical journals and research papers online.

Find out the qualities of a good nurse in you

If you are a nurse in the making, you might already have some character traits that can be counted as good leadership traits. Do not hesitate to self-introspect and explore the leadership skills in you. This way, you can easily know the character traits that make up for a good leader. Write an essay by putting emphasis on the character traits that you think are most important for being a leader in nursing.

Visit some hospitals and care homes

A little legwork would pay off very well in the long run. If you have hospitals and nursing homes in your area, do visit these facilities at least once and talk to the chief matrons. Interviewing a matron would help you in a big way in assessing the leadership qualities that are considered ideal in the case of a nurse. Talk to her, understand the challenges she and her nursing team has to face every day, ask plenty of questions and take a note of the hospital cleanliness and other aspects that impress you.

Writing your piece

Once the research is done, you can come back home and start writing. Use ample statistical data alongside empirical data to substantiate the argument. Start your paper with focus on something general, and then move over to facts and figures. Pick out the qualities of a good leader and support your statement with lots of facts and figures. Do not just rely on one or two sources. Instead, visit multiple sources to gather lots of hard numbers.

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