Persuasive Essay Topics On World Issues: 20 Great Suggestions

It is one thing being handed a persuasive essay to write on a narrow subject, but it can totally blow your mind away if you are given such a broad playing field as world issues. I mean with the world in such as state of disarray just where on earth are you meant to start? The good news is that unlike with a lot of topics where everyone will be fighting over the same well-trodden territory, world issues are so big, so vast that you should easily be able to find your little niche to shine in.

Here are my ultimate 20 great suggestions:

  1. The fight against ISIS. Is this going to turn into the ultimate battle of civilizations with Christian countries pitted against Muslim countries?
  2. The crisis in the Eurozone. Can Germany hold it together? Is a Greek exit inevitable? Would a British exit be a game changer?
  3. Boko Horam: are Western nations doing enough to fight them, or are all of the resources going into the fight against ISIS
  4. The Mediterranean migrant crisis. Is this a problem for Southern Mediterranean countries like Italy and Malta to deal with, or does the international community need to step in on a big scale? What are the likely outcomes of this crisis?
  5. World Health Issues – Have any lessons been learned from the recent Ebola crisis. Is the world prepared for a major pandemic?
  6. With people fleeing from countries like Nigeria and Eritrea in droves, explore the drivers behind this mass exodus of people. What can the world do to stabilize these countries?
  7. With the widespread movement of people and the spread of Islam. Fast forward one hundred years. What will the demographic of America and Europe be? Will society and the values be totally different? Will traditionally Anglo-Saxon countries be subjected to Sharia Law? Does this even matter? Is this not just the way of the world?
  8. Climate change and global warming. With so much political unrest and the majority of the world still feeling the pinch from the global financial crisis, is the world taking environmental issues seriously?
  9. Look at the international response to the earthquake in Nepal. Could more have been done to prevent the loss of human life? Should the international community be proactively intervening in countries that are in natural disaster zones to help improve the infrastructure?
  10. With many countries facing austerity measures at home, is it right that international aid budgets should continue to be ring-fenced?
  11. Should offshore tax havens be closed down?
  12. Should the West now be looking to fund the Assad regime in Syria in order to rid the region of ISIS? Is Assad the lesser of two evils?
  13. Israel and Palestine. Will there ever be an end to the conflict?
  14. What can individual countries do to reduce the risk of homegrown terrorist attacks?
  15. Is there enough international cooperation to prevent people travelling to war zones like Syria to fight?
  16. With Russia ramping up tension by playing cat and mouse by encroaching upon sovereign air space, what can the West realistically do?
  17. Does China have a bigger role to play in mediating between Russia and the West?
  18. Does the media fuel global tensions?
  19. Should there be a universal policy on the payment of ransoms for hostages?
  20. If governments become aware that hostages have been taken, should there be a media blackout?

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