Top 40 Cause And Effect Essay Topics On The War History Of The XX Century

Herein are some interesting topics that you can use to write about the war history of the 18th – 19th century.

  1. A history of weapons, war and aggression
  2. The timeline of war, between the Stone Age and the World War
  3. Strategic tactical victories that shaped the structure of war as we know it
  4. Lessons that were learned from World Wars that we live with today
  5. A history of war and the resultant chaos
  6. How the age of the crusades influence the World Wars
  7. The Japanese Military: the Rising Sun warriors
  8. Comparative perspectives of the great battles against Germany
  9. Causes and effects of the First World War
  10. A history of World War II and the chaos that resulted from it
  11. How guerilla warfare found its way into the World War
  12. Rethinking the history of the World War, could hit have been prevented?
  13. A concise history of the Civil War
  14. Why the Civil War could not have been prevented
  15. The cultures in conflict during the Civil War
  16. Discuss some of the notable leaders who changed the course of the Civil War
  17. How command came into effect in winning the Civil War
  18. From Gettysburg to Shiloh, a war that changed the world
  19. How the Civil War affected the Western Border
  20. Cause and effect of the loss to the Confederacy
  21. Civil War and desertion
  22. The role of gender and sexuality in the Civil War
  23. The impact of religion in the Civil War
  24. How American culture was influenced by the Civil War
  25. Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War
  26. How decision making saved the entire country in the Civil War
  27. How Lincoln redefined the concept of democracy in America
  28. The civil liberties and Abe Lincoln’s role
  29. Race and slavery during the World War
  30. Why World War III is just around the corner
  31. Countries that might spark off another world war in the 21st century
  32. Reasons why the world is on the brink of another World War
  33. Challenges that terrorism brings to a world already on the brink of war
  34. North Korea, China and Russia: The prospect of a bigger, deadlier World War
  35. The role of America in the animosity between Israel and her neighbors
  36. America stands for peace, yet funds Israeli weaponry. Discuss the history of this relationship with an inference to the World Wars
  37. The important role of Africa in the fate of the World Wars
  38. How the World Wars led to the rise of superpowers
  39. Allegiances and how to win wars; discuss.
  40. The prospect of a deadlier worldwide war, can the World War III be prevented?

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