A Selection Of Informative Essay Topics On Animals: 19 Good Suggestions

The day has finally arrived when you are given a blank canvas with 'Animals' written on it and your brain has already begun suffering from nihility of ideas. Brainstorming informative essay topics on Animals could be threatening to both animal haters and lovers. It is tough because the animal world is both indescribable and incredible; it is like searching for a needle in the haystack.

When we think of animals, countless categories and sub-categories branch out. In case you are seeking facts, 'animal kingdom' is a superordinate phrase to forty smaller groups. These groups consist of amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, insects and fish. Earth is 4.54 billion years old and in these years, thousands and millions of species have been born and was annihilated. Well, I would like to apologize for bringing in the tingling sensation of fear before you could begin with your essay. Nevertheless, I have nineteen great topics in store for you, go ahead, have a look:

  1. A global review on arctic marine mammals.
  2. Stop bugging the woods: A story of Pine Beetles.
  3. Snails induce sugar coma in fish: The bioweapon.
  4. The grand life cycle of the loggerhead sea turtles.
  5. What your K9s can do to stop poaching.
  6. The fish has a fishing pole: The story of the Anglerfish.
  7. The Ocean's king of ambush: Octopus.
  8. The difference between African and Asian elephant.
  9. The symbiotic relationship between ants and humans.
  10. Dogs are man's best friend: Mentor-disciple relationship.
  11. Hippopotamus' use of sun protection.
  12. Which is an older species: Trees or sharks?
  13. The preying habits of the anacondas.
  14. Story of burrowing owls and their borrowed homes.
  15. How humans helped augmenting dog breeds.
  16. The camaraderie shown by the meerkats.
  17. Animals and their brilliant tracking skills.
  18. The dreadful blowfish: 1200 times more poisonous than cyanide.
  19. The endangered species and conservation by us.

Animal lovers or not, after preparing your essay on the lovely creatures, dog, snakes, elephants or birds, you are bound to revise your opinions about them. Animals play a major role in maintaining the equilibrium in biodiversity. Without them, world will merely be like the red planet. Animals make this world a thriving ground of life as a whole. A life on mother earth, no matter how minuscule, has the equal degree of dignity and honour as that of the humans. Just like humans live with their heads held high, animals too have full liberty to receive a habitable condition from the green planet. Being the wiser one, we should always aim for conservation of wildlife, every single animal holds a significant niche in this world.

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