How To Pick Opinion Essay Topics For High School Students: Best Tips & Examples

High school is a memorable, promising and a happy life. Having a young and a fresh mind would let you create vivid imaginations of whom and what will you be in the near future. But, before you say goodbye to the fairies and wake up from daydreaming, let us first take note of the following helpful tips on how to choose a good topic for an essay:

  • The best topic could be YOU. There could be no better character in your narrative essay except yourself. Writing on your ups and downs as a teenager will earn recognition not only by your classmates but as well as your teacher and your school.
  • Your family could be an alternate topic. Writing and sharing your experiences in the family could be a secondary topic of an expository essay. You share not only the importance of the family but its role in either your success or your failure.
  • Write about the comparison of love from infatuation. There is a misconception by teenagers that when you like someone special, it’s already love. By researching the nature and differences of love from having a crush, your topic will not only help yourself but also your fellow teens.
  • Explore the effects of SMS to the spelling skills of teenagers. Since everybody in school has their cell phones and text messaging is a trend, then the fastest way to send it is to use shortcuts. Gather all relevant information and start writing.
  • Accept the challenge of social networking sites and how it affects human behavior. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to mention a few. People spend more time in front of their monitors rather than with their families. Reveal how it could make or break relationships.
  • Share knowledge by writing about addiction to anime or cartoon characters. Share your own expertise of this hobby, interview friends about the latest events in the anime world and participate in cosplay to understand better what is going on in a teenager’s life.
  • Make a follow-up research on idolizing Korean superstars. Every time teenagers, especially girls, watch Korean movies or concerts, they can’t help but shout at the top of their voices. Know the reasons why and how it motivates a grown-up kid.
  • Write about premarital sex and its effects, the latest fashion trends, stereotyping, personality crisis and suicidal tendencies in teenagers. These are some of the few sensitive topics that you could write about. Explore not only yourself but also the world that you are living in right now. The best time to choose is right now. Don’t wait for tomorrow, for tomorrow might be too late --- and you now have a grey hair and wrinkles on your face.

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