Picking Up Grade 5 Opinion Essay Topics About Unusual Plants

The surprises of nature make us open our mouth wide and gawk at the beauty. Plants are part of this that keeps increasing our love and passion for the nature. The unusual and rare species of plants like Doll’s eyes, Sundews, Titnum Erum are some of them. Dolls Eyes are known unusually for their disturbing berries that look small and are white in color with marks on them and crop just once in a year. Their small marks create an interesting pupil like appearance. Sundews on the other hand are carnivorous plants with 200 members. Titnum Arum is known for their incredible huge size with carrion emitting smell. Similarly, there are many other unusual plants that have become illuminating research questions for students.

All those who are research student and are searching for 5 opinion essay topics regarding unusual plants can have a look here-

  1. Why Welwitschia Mirabilis is known as the most resistant plant variety across the globe? How does its structure look like? According to you, how does it manage its survival with only two leaves? Should it be considered a plant or a sci-fi-alien? People compare its taste with onion which looks delicious in raw or baked form. Discuss this strange creature in terms of its life span which is peculiarly odd and manages its existence without rain even for 5 years.
  2. Write an opinion essay on Dionaea Mucipula? Why according to you it is called as Venus Fly Trap? Why it is called as carnivorous plant? Should we categorize it in the category of carnivorous animal as it is too active and has the efficiency of trapping insects? Is this a threatening property where it can trap any ant in less than a second via ultra sensitive fine hinges?
  3. Why according to you, Rafflesia Arnoldii should not grow anywhere in your neighborhood even though you can become a famous personality thereafter? Which property makes this exotic and rusty coloured flower biggest in the world?
  4. Why Desmodium Gyrans is termed as the dancing plant? How semaphore signals associated with it? Why it dances happily to the grateful deeds? Write your opinion.
  5. Why in your opinion Euphorbia Obesa has such an interesting appearance but has brutally impacted the wild population? Why international legislation wants to protect this unusual variety of plant. Why this species has become endangered in its native habitat though it can be easily cultivated?

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