Searching For A Well-Written APA Persuasive Essay Example

APA style offers rewarding experience to essay or dissertation writers. It is well accepted formatting style used by students of Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Business and other disciplines of study.

An APA persuasive essay example needs to include following points in its composition

  • Title Page: It is the most important component of any dissertation. Some of the standard elements of a title page are
    • The title of the paper
    • Name of the course

    • Student’s name
    • Teacher’s name
    • Course name
    • Date of submission

  • Abstract: This section is comprised of a single paragraph which is written on a separate paper. It is limited in length and should not exceed more than half page length. This abstract should summarize the essence of the entire paper and the writer bears the copyright of it. Abstract is important because it states the main ideas, results and the methodology used in brief.
  • Table of content and figures should be written on the separate page.
  • In-text references used: Here you need to give information about the details of the citations, quotations and summaries written that were used to support the statements. Offer reference details for the ideas of other authors. Ensure that all the references are correctly cited. It should include publication year used within the parenthesis of composition. Do not forget the page number while you pick any lines from the book.
  • Quotations: Use short quotations within quotation marks. If quotation is more than 40 words long, writer is supposed to indent 5 spaces from the left margin. Maintain double spaces. Do not use quotation marks for lengthy quotations but use full stop.
  • Headings: Headings are more prominently used in dissertations whereas essays can be with or without them. These make clear sections.
  • Reference list: In this you need to provide complete information of the sources used cited in the thesis. Mention all the journals, magazines and the web pages used.

Some other standard used in APA writing style

  • Maintain double spaces.
  • Set margins to one inch from all the sides left, right, top and bottom.
  • Times New Roman or Serif Typeface are most common font style recommendations. Though it is suggested that writer goes through the instructor’s guidelines.
  • Font size should be 10-12.
  • Induce page numbers.
  • Use header with the title of the thesis on the right hand corner on the top of the page.
  • The title on the title page should be placed 1/3rd down from the top of the page.
  • Author’s page is written several lines down.