Composing A Proper Introductory Paragraph For A Persuasive Essay

To get a top score on a writing assignment, students must be able to create a strong introductory paragraph. Each paper is introduced to the reader with a catchy idea, story or quote. Once the student has started the paper, they must explain their thesis statement and set up the narrative for the remainder of the document. To get a head start on this type of writing, students should use some of the following tips.

An Introduction Is Not Optional

Although it might not be enjoyable, students have to write out an introduction. When it comes to essay writing, introductions are never optional. The reader needs to have the introduction guide them into the narrative and provide them with background context. The student is not writing a murder mystery, so there should be no hidden twists or turns in their persuasive writing. Instead, students should set out their thesis in the beginning and then calmly support it throughout the body and the conclusion.

Pointing the Direction

The entire point of the introduction is to tell the reader where the writing is headed. In essence, this portion of the paper is like a street sign. It immediately lets the reader know where they are and where they can expect to go. Students should make sure that they clearly state the thesis in their introduction. The thesis statement is generally one or two sentences that summarize what the argument is about. Since the thesis is supposed to make an argument, it should be written so that it is debatable. It is up to the writer to persuade the reader to their side of the argument.

Choosing a Position

With persuasive writing, students must pick a single side to an issue and advocate for it. They should avoid making wishy-washy statements or offering information that supports the other side's viewpoint. Ideally, the student will conduct plenty of research that will support their point of view. If the student lacks the information necessary to support their viewpoint, they should pick another topic.

Use an Outline

When the introduction is complete, students should make sure that they begin working on the outline. To create a well-written essay, one of the best things that students can do is make an outline. If the thesis statement is the street sign signaling the start of the paper, the outline is the road map. With a good outline, the student can figure out exactly where they want their argument to go. They can rearrange the different points in the argument and move supporting research as necessary.

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