Creating An Excellent Comparison And Contrast Essay Topic Sentence

A comparison and contrast essay is meant to present the similarities and differences between two elements. Of course, these separate elements need to have a connection, otherwise it will be difficult to put them together. If you have the freedom to choose the topic, you have no excuse to not create a high quality essay. The only requirements that you have to follow are the ones regarding the structure of the essay, and this is not something difficult. With a bit of dedication and commitment, anything is possible.

  • The first element that you have to find is the topic of the essay. You have to think about elements that belong to the same category: two different books, two types of education, two cars, you get the point. It is a good thing to choose a subject that you have previous knowledge about, so you can cut some of the time that you would use for research.
  • Decide on what structure you want to use. When it comes to these essays, some students prefer to write one similarity, followed by one difference and so on. You can either do this or divide the essay in two parts, one for the comparison and one for the contrast. This depends on the topics that you will use, and if your professor has any particular requirements.
  • Use as many facts as possible. You can not base the entire essay on assumptions or unclear statements. If you say that this book belongs to a certain literary category, explain why and bring evidenced. Only in this way you will make others interested in your composition.
  • Be creative. This is not exactly an academic paper, so you can use fun expressions and references. Do not settle for the obvious differences or similarities; try to think outside the box. When you write something unexpected, you will surprise your class and you will make them eager to hear the rest of your text.
  • Proofread the entire piece. After you finished writing everything, it’s time to edit and correct. You might want to reserve a day only for this step, just to be sure that you got everything right. A fresh perspective can be very helpful, so ask one of your classmates to read your piece and to give you any advice. You can change an idea or two before submitting the final project.