Choosing Persuasive Essay Topics: Tips And Examples

A persuasive essay can be one of the most enjoyable papers to write because you get to have a strong opinion about something you're passionate about! The object of a persuasive essay is to try to convince the reader of your stance with regards to the topic at hand. The more balanced, thought out and persuasive your argument is, the better the essay will be!

Although these essays can be fun to write, they still have to be as academically polished as any other. Also, it may be much more difficult to select your topic in the first place simply because there's so much choice available. If you pick something you already know a lot about and something you have a great interest in, then you're certainly starting off on the right foot.

Perhaps the first place to begin is to ask yourself simply: what sort of subjects am I passionate about? Make a list of topics, and then go back over them and decide which ones would make a suitable paper and how much you know about each one. Think about what angle you are going to come from and if you're able to make a well-reasoned argument for your case.

The art of persuasion involves being clear and concise in your arguments, being able to back up any claims you make, showing how your point of view stands up against an opposing stance and how relevant your content is to your argument.

If you don't have a clue where to begin in your persuasive essay topic, then here are some ideas for titles to get you thinking:

  • The death penalty should be abolished.
  • National service should be mandatory.
  • Why there shouldn't be school uniforms.
  • Excessive playing of video games contributes to an ever growing violent society.
  • The legal age for drinking alcohol should be dropped to eighteen in all U.S.A states.
  • Why fracking should be banned.
  • Every U.S business relation with developing countries should be Fair Trade.
  • Shortening the working week would improve productivity as well as create a more balanced and happy society.
  • U.S health services should remain private.
  • Why minimum wage should be abolished in favour of a realistic living wage.
  • The school week should consist of four days.
  • Abortion should be a choice.
  • Smoking should be banned in every public place.
  • Marijuana should be made legal in every U.S state.
  • The top 10% of earners in the U.S should pay ten times the amount of tax of the lowest wage earners.

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