5 Helpful Hints On Writing A 4th Grade Personal Narrative Essay

If you are struggling to create the perfect narrative essay and to describe the perfect event you want to make sure you use a vivid description. For each event, object, or person that you describe you should try to answer the following information about them:

  1. What did you smell?
  2. What did you hear?
  3. What did you taste?
  4. What did you feel or touch?
  5. What did you see?

These are the most important five questions to answer/hints to follow when writing a 4th grade personal narrative essay successfully. Answering these five questions about each object, person, or event that you experience will help you to present a much better story which the reader can appreciate.

You want to avoid ever describing what something just looks like. Do not say that the woman was tall. Instead explain to the reader what colors the woman was wearing, what close she was wearing what smells came off of her from her perfume or even her shampoo, what sounds you heard when she walks and even perhaps what she felt like when she hugged you.

Concrete language gives information that can be easily understood and sometimes that allows the reader to empathize. But abstract language will leave the reader feeling disconnected and even confused. Abstract means that there are no recognizable objects and it can be difficult to see what the story is trying to say. Simply saying that it was a nice day outside is very abstract and much brought. For each reader the definition of the word nice might be something different and therefore it might be challenging for them to truly understand what the day was like that you are describing. But if you instead say that the sun was shining and the wind blew softly against your cheek then the readers can all visualize the same day.

If you write that Mrs. Johnson is a good teacher that might not mean the same thing for another reader as it does for you. You, as the author, want the reader to think exactly what you were thinking about Mrs. Johnson. But in order for them to do this you have to give concrete details. You have to say, instead, that Mrs. Johnson knew how to help each student turned their individual thoughts into a good story.

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