Persuasive Cause And Effect Essay Topics: 15 Unique Ideas

It takes a little practice to learn to be persuasive with your writing. When getting ready to do your cause and effect essay, remember this easy strategy: take a problem, and using deductive reasoning, discover the cause and effects that created the problem. If you’re not sure what subject you want to write about, here are some original ideas for you to choose from:

  1. Breastfeeding infants has been shown to prevent the development of allergies.
  2. The use of bicycles has a significant effect on reducing air pollution.
  3. The use of cell phones between family members improves their relationships.
  4. What causes a student to fail a course: health issues, burnout, or lack of time?
  5. What causes stress in the workplace: poor management of time or lack of support from your peers?
  6. Cancer is caused by several factors including heredity, unhealthy lifestyle and the polluted environment we live in.
  7. What are the main causes of illegal immigration? Is it human right violations in their home country or unemployment?
  8. What causes emotional eating, resulting in overweight and binge eating?
  9. How are the following linked with cause and effect relationships: urbanization, noise pollution and stress? Globalization, worldwide economic markets and higher competition? Cheating on exams, lacking academic skills and eventual unemployment?
  10. Violent video games have a measurable impact on a person’s aggression and conflicts in dealing with other people.
  11. Using texting is a valuable communication tool and doesn’t interfere with human interaction.
  12. Science fiction is purely an amusement form and has no real benefits.
  13. Television “reality programs” are far removed from what real life really is like.
  14. Should schools and educators dismiss the archaic letter grading method in favor of a pass or fail grading system?
  15. When companies are drowning in debt and losing money, bonuses should not be given to CEOs.

Start out with a well written thesis statement, which describes in one sentence your event, trend, or problem you will explore in your paper.

The introduction is the first paragraph, and contains the thesis statement at the end. The body of your paper will be comprised of other paragraphs, each one covering one of your main topic sentences to explore the cause and effects of your problem. Wrap everything together with the conclusion, which is the final paragraph.