23 Unique Compare And Contrast Essay Topics To Consider

Compare and contrast essays are some of the easiest kind of compositions that you will have to write in high school. Of course, you will have to be focused for a few hours if you want to be complete this task in a successful manner. The good news is that finding a good topic is a very easy job. You can get inspired from these titles:

  1. 1. Compare two different religions. This will help your classmates gain more knowledge about other cultures, and maybe make them more tolerant and understanding.
  2. 2. Cash and credit cards. You can emphasize the advantages and disadvantages.
  3. 3. Public and private transport. Which one do you prefer and why? Don’t forget to mention the similarities and differences.
  4. 4. Books and e-books. Which ones are better for teenagers and why? Which ones do you prefer?
  5. 5. Homeschooling and ordinary schooling.
  6. 6. Marijuana and Cocaine. This can help your classmates realize the dangers of drugs.
  7. 7. Two different books. You can choose any book that you love and compare it with a similar one.
  8. 8. Letters and e-mails. Are e-mails less personal than letters?
  9. 9. Two different cultures. You have the chance to find out new things about other cultures.
  10. 10. Eastern and Western countries.
  11. 11. Communism and capitalism. This will be very interesting for your colleagues and professor.
  12. 12. Classical music and hip-hop music. You can even ask your classmates to listen to two different songs.
  13. 13. Two famous writers. Don’t forget to present a sample of their literature.
  14. 14. Homosexuality and Bisexuality. Being open-minded is a great quality.
  15. 15. Defense and Offense.
  16. 16. Colleagues and Friends. Do you think they are the same?
  17. 17. Misogyny and Feminism. These controversial ideologies will make you look extremely knowledgeable.
  18. 18. Cats and dogs. This will definitely be a fun topic to write about.
  19. 19. The influence of Social Media and the influence of the Press.
  20. 20. Being a teenager and being an adult. Try to be realistic if you choose this topic; your professor will appreciate this.
  21. 21. Smoking and passive smoking. Both are damaging and teenagers should know what danger they are exposing themselves to if they smoke.
  22. 22. Fast-food and home cooked food. It is important to know what we eat and what is healthy for us.
  23. 23. Freelance work and Regular work. Did you ever think about a freelance career?

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