Composing A Problem Solution Essay: 5 Vital Suggestions

Problem solution writing is about introducing a problem to the audience and then laying out a solution to it, proving that it’s the best one. Here are five vital tips for you to write a great problem solution essay.

  1. Find a great topic.
  2. Think about the problems you’ve encountered in your life that are of general importance and you think could be solved. Try to group them by fields they appear in. Then choose the one for which you know a great solution to that you want to defend.

  3. Plan it right.
  4. Your essay should have an introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion. You can start your introduction with a question or a quote that will introduce the problem to the audience. After that you should define the problem and explain its importance. State your thesis in the end of this part. It should be clear and not more than one sentence.

    In the body part, you restate your thesis and give details about it. Start with a piece of evidence that will explain how your suggestion resolves the problem. Also prove why it’s better than other solutions. Then explain how your solution should be implemented. Emphasize that it’s effective and cost-friendly, and prove that with examples, statistical data, quotes, etc. Remember that you need to lay out your evidence in order from the strongest one in the first paragraph to the weakest in the last. You can also pair a strong piece of evidence with a weak one.

    Restate your opening part in the conclusion and also list the points from the main part. You should sum up all your ideas in order to make your opinion clear for the audience.

  5. Connect to the audience.
  6. It’s vital to write your essay in a way that will resonate with the audience. It’s easier to persuade if there isn’t a generally approved view of the problem you’ve chosen. However, if you feel strong about something, you should definitely speak about that whatever the popular opinion.

  7. Give details.
  8. In order to really convince others that you’ve got it right, a general description of what might be done is not good. Your solution should be very detailed and mention not only what needs to be done, but also how it should be done, why it will work, and who should be in charge of implementing it.

  9. Be coherent.
  10. Remember that everything you write is aimed at proving your point, so all the things that you mention should make one strong argument. Use transition words for better flow of your essay and don’t make your writing stodgy.