In Search Of Fresh Ideas For An Explanatory Essay

Of the many teaching tools at the disposal of teachers, an explanatory essay is one of the most essential. In this type of writing, which is also called an Expository essay, the author describes points of view of other people or describes phenomena or events by stating facts and backs them up with evidence. The important part to remember is that the author does not express his or her own opinion or feelings about the subject, but only seeks to inform the reader about the subject in as much detail and with as many points of view as possible.

If you have been assigned an Explanatory essay and are looking for some fresh ideas for topics, we are glad to help. Read on below to get inspired.

  1. Explain how stocks and shares work in the American economy.
  2. Describe the process of baking bowling balls.
  3. Explain how combustion engines work and how they make vehicles run.
  4. Explain how new generation engines with fuel injection work and why they produce more power with more efficiency than old type carburetor engines.
  5. Explain the phenomena of the northern lights, also called the Aurora Borealis, in the Arctic Circle.
  6. Describe the many theories as to how the pyramids were built.
  7. Explain how a surgeon performs an appendicitis removal surgery.
  8. Describe how surgeons and hospital staff ensure patients do not get infected during surgical procedures.
  9. Explain how in today’s digitized world, it is even possible for a surgeon to operate a robot to perform a surgery while sitting hundreds or thousands of miles away from the patient.
  10. Explain how the Mars Rover works, how it survives on the barren and inhospitable Martian landscape and how it collects samples for analysis.
  11. Explain how the Super Bowl managed to become the biggest American sporting event.
  12. Explain how online search engines work and how they decide which website should be ranked in which place in search results.
  13. Explain the science of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  14. Explain how websites that provide seemingly free services, like search engines, make money.
  15. Explain how light bulbs operate.
  16. Explain how LED televisions are produced and how they work.
  17. Explain why seasons come around at opposite times in the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres.
  18. Explain how touchscreens work.

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