The Top 25 Compare And Contrast Essay Topics To Choose From

Compare and Contrast essays can be one of the simplest types of essays to write. The important thing to get right is to make sure that you focus on a subject matter where the spotlight is on two topics which share some form of similarity but at the same time they have differences.

Topics for a Compare and Contrast essay can objects, systems or people. Try out some of the following topics that you can brainstorm and develop further to write an ace Compare and Contrast Essay.

The go to topic list for essays includes ideas for similarities as well as differences for each essay suggestion.

  1. 1. Leonardo Da Vinci and Steve Jobs. (Forwards thinkers, applications of inventions, gifted)
  2. 2. Rainbows and Mirages. (The Science behind the images, and the effects)
  3. 3. Elton John and Justin Bieber (Music, talent, behavior, appeal to audiences)
  4. 4. Reading a Newspaper and Reading your News online. (Information, selective, availability, convenience)
  5. 5. Training a puppy and educating a young child. (learning the rules, expectations, response to discipline, independence)
  6. 6. U-Tube instructional videos and attending a lecture (availability, repeat the instructions, asking questions, personal instructions, peer support )
  7. 7. Learning Japanese and Learning Latin (Uses of Latin, Uses of Japanese, Global Trade, Rules of Grammar)
  8. 8. Mother Teresa and Hilary Clinton (Unconditional support, political, background differences, philosophies)
  9. 9. Learning to ride a bike and Learning to drive a car. (balance, road sense, safety, responsibilities)
  10. 10. Spending a holiday on the ski slopes and spending a holiday at the beach. (climate, need for a vacation, activities, relaxation)
  11. 11. Sugar and Salt (To enhance the flavor of food, the effect on the body, preservative, historic influences)
  12. 12. Reality TV Shows and Historical Re-enactments (audience popularity, scripted, unpredictable, historical facts)
  13. 13. Shakespeare and JK Rowling (popularity, audiences reached, appeal of the story lines, writing abilities)
  14. 14. Zoos and Wildlife parks (Care, Conservation, Learning, responsibilities)
  15. 15. Digital Photograph Albums and Photo Album Books (availability, quantity, quality, tangible).
  16. 16. Sociology and Psychology (models, influences, importance, behaviors)
  17. 17. Ballroom dancing and Gangnam style (formal, informal, fun, competition)
  18. 18. Having a revision plan for an exam and leaving revision until the night before an exam. (learning strategy, planning, motivation, anxiety)
  19. 19. Public School and Private Schools (expense, quality, curriculum, small classes)
  20. 20. Traditional Weddings and Eloping (expensive, complicated, simple, celebration)
  21. 21. Revolution and Evolution (change, response to environment, response to political pressure)
  22. 22. Bullying and Teasing (inappropriate, boundaries, hurtful, funny)
  23. 23. Qualifications and Work Experience ( importance of both, academic, work based common sense)
  24. 24. Home-made meals and Ready made meals (regulate ingredients, convenience, same nutrients)
  25. 25. Natural Light and Electrical Lighting (free, cost, can see in the dark, different qualities)

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