Where To Go Looking For A Proofread Essay Example On Career Profile

What Is A Career Profile Essay?

A career profile essay is all about describing the various career phases, achievements and experiences gathered by a person. The individual on whom your career profile essay would be based- will be referred as a ‘subject’. Writing career profile assignments can be a part of any academic curriculum, career counseling centers or an intern’s task. Suppose if you are student of mass communication, then your article will be centered on a subject who belongs to the same field and who has carved a distinguished niche for herself/himself over the years.

Ways to Find a Proofread Career Profile Essay-

Writing a career profile assignment is a time-consuming and tedious task. If you have a sample already proof-read essay at your disposal, then the whole process becomes really smooth and easy. The ways to get are listed below-

  • There are many reputed academic websites in the virtual space that may solve your problem. Though most of them charge nominal fees for their services, a little persistent may land you up at free resources. You can ask your fellow students or mentor about the urls.
  • Your institution-library is bound to be full of academic books on article writings. There you will find the outline and samples of career profile papers. You can certainly get your ideas from them but don’t let them influence your free-thinking or style of writing too much.
  • Your senior students in college who have done career profiling in past can be great sources. Hunt them down and pester them for imparting tips and their proof-read career profile compositions. You can borrow these for a short while also.
  • As a last resort, contact to your mentor or guide in this assignment. It may require all your persuasive sprit. But if you are really stuck with your career profile project and the above suggestions are not working, then there is no other way out than your teacher’s guidance.

Steps To Write a Career Profile Essay

  • Doing a thorough research about the subject’s career field is mandatory.
  • Formulate some valid and relevant questions about the up-coming interview.
  • Scheduling for an interview, conducting it in a professional manner and recording it with the subject’s permission should be followed next.
  • Once you get the answers, compile them in order.
  • The article must have three parts. While the introduction should focus on the subject’s career field, the body must include snippets of the interview. And lastly, the concluding part must re-instate of the introduction as well as highlight the subject’s professional contribution.

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