How To Write A Good Descriptive Essay About My Best Friend?

Essays have several genres. There are many formats to write them. Well it is quite a tedious job to have knowledge about all of them. But you have to know the basic structures at least. From childhood we have been vested on the job of writing essays. With the passage of time, the complexities of the topic have increased a lot. The topic given to us when we are in college are much tougher that what were given in school.

Out of all the essays, the descriptive ones are the most interesting to work on. You can write whatever your mind wants to. You can describe things in your own way without being hindered by the thoughts of critics. Here you won’t be judges on the information you provide as everything that you will be providing is purely your personal matter. Well you can be criticised over your imaginative power or narrative power.

Best tips to crack the narrative essay about best friends:

  • The topic selection is one of the most important things. Here you have been vested with one, “my best friend”. Well the topic is quite simple and you have to be quite emotionally expressive in these kinds of writing. Your ways of description should by all means portray the human being vividly amongst the heart of the readers.
  • The work should be structured well before you begin with it. You have to make a clear idea what things to walk about when you will be writing the introduction, body or the conclusion. It will help you to compose a successful descriptive write up.
  • The introduction should be the place of brief descriptions about you friend. It should contain more worldly things than the descriptions of your friends. Well a sense of different taste can lead to the arousal of questions amongst the mind of the readers. That is the thing you are ought to create with your introduction.
  • A tough imaginative body shall be the backbone of your essay. Here you have to work on the basis of your subconscious mind. You have to dive deep within and come up with greatest of things to be described about a person. You have to keep in mind all the criteria to be talked about and which things will make a significant focus on the person you are talking about.
  • The conclusion is where you hammer the last nail on the coffin so it must be tight with a sense of un-fulfilling ambience which shall succumb the ending. This will make the readers ponder about your works long after reading them.

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