24 Evaluation Argument Essay Topics You Should Consider

This list of evaluation argument essay topics will get the reader thinking about the topic that you are covering.

24 Evaluation Argument Essay Topics

  1. Pick your favorite sports team and evaluate their season and talk about how they performed from their expectations at the start.
  2. Look at the difference watching sports live and at home.
  3. What kinds of sports fan are there at games? Evaluate each one.
  4. Evaluate your favorite sports player are the overvalued or undervalued?
  5. Evaluate a movie on war, does it show what the current concerns are about war and peacekeeping?
  6. Evaluate a movie that is based on a true story and compare it to the real event.
  7. Evaluate a movie that is based on a book, which is better and what was left out or put in?
  8. Evaluate the sequel to a movie, was it good or bad?
  9. Take a look at an animated movie that was turned into a real life one. Evaluate which medium worked best.
  10. Evaluate an actor that has been in several movies, how is each one of their roles different?
  11. Evaluate a director, look at their different projects and see what their vision brings to the movies.
  12. Look at a children’s film and evaluate what it teaches them.
  13. Evaluate how films that have a G and PG rating try to appeal to adults and children.
  14. Evaluate a genre of film.
  15. Evaluate how the atmosphere of a restaurant makes you feel and does it make the food taste better?
  16. Evaluate, who has the best hamburger, look at dining in restaurants and fast food.
  17. Evaluate a homemade dish with the same thing from a restaurant.
  18. Evaluate what it is like to work and eat at the same restaurant.
  19. Look at different coffee places and evaluate which one is the best or why they are so popular.
  20. Evaluate the new version of a smartphone, what is different and why is it so popular?
  21. Evaluate two apps that do the same thing. Why is one better than the other and what are the differences?
  22. Evaluate a popular social media site; explain why it’s popular and whether or not you are a fan.
  23. Evaluate the difference between the SATs and ACTs.
  24. Evaluate programs like tutoring and how they help students.

All of these topics are great ones to start with, and they should help you find the right topic for your own essay.

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