4 Basic Rules For Writing An Argument Essay Introduction

It’s difficult to convince someone to believe in your ideas, especially when you have to do this through an essay. You have to find the right arguments, but at the same time expose them in an engaging manner so your colleagues won’t feel bored when they read your composition. Since the introduction is the first thing that they will read, you have to make sure that this part is interesting for them. Here are the 4 basic rules that you have to follow when you write such an essay:

  • Choose a topic that you are familiar with. It’s always good to write about something that you really care about. First of all, you already have information about this issue so you will not have to spend too much time making research. Second, you will have good arguments even without struggling; you believe in this idea, so you will explain to the others why they have to believe too.
  • Give some details about the topic. You can’t expect your colleagues to know from the start what are you talking about, so you will have to tell them this. However, keep in mind that the introduction can’t be too long, so you don’t have to give too many details. Make sure that they understand what you will write and keep it clear and simple.
  • Talk about your personal preferences. If you tell them why are you so interested in this topic, they might agree with you more. Therefore you have to talk about this in two simple sentences. For example, you can tell them that this idea helped you through difficult times in your life, and that it changed you as a person. Make sure that you do not lie in this part, because it will be very obvious.
  • Make it exciting. You have to make them eager to read the rest of your composition, so use some tricks to make your introduction more appealing. For example, you can say that you used a new research method to find out the information that you need. Also, you can write that you interviewed a famous person, but without mentioning the name. Small things like this will make them curious, and later on it will help you convince them to believe in your ideas without any problem. Once you are done with your introduction, you can move on to the rest of the text and develop the ideas.