How To Come Up With A Good Topic For Your Essay: Tips And Examples

Students all over the world at many different grade levels are assigned essays. They start off simple enough in the beginning but as you progress they get harder and harder and not just in the writing of it, the formatting, editing, grammar, length and other such things become more difficult. This has led to students needing help with many things but none more than the choosing of a topic for an essay. Whether for a research paper or a book report or anything in between, students often face difficulties which can lead to putting off of writing and other such bad habits that can lead to a bad grade. Below are a few tips and examples to finding a good topic for your essay.

Tips and examples for a good essay topic

  • The topic of your paper also called the thesis is what the paper revolves around. No matter what kind of paper you are writing you always have a thesis and the determining of one can be hard. The first step to creating one though is to identify the broad area that your teacher or book defined that you can create a thesis out of. For example, if you are in biology class and your teacher says you need a paper doing something about DNA you are going to do research on all possible areas that you can write about. This way you can have a list of topics to create a thesis from, so it’s less of a stress trying to decide “does this fit?” This way you can have an easier time to identify your thesis.
  • Your thesis should be narrow but not too narrow and broad but not too broad. For example, if you need to write about World War II then do not focus on something super specific like Hitler’s death. Yes, this is an interesting topic and the lead up to it and the actual action of it can be stretched to a few pages. However, it would be a weak topic to talk about. Whereas if you talk about weapons upgrades during this time, you can have a strong topic to talk about.
  • Make sure your topic is easily discussed and argued. Do research about possible topics beforehand and make sure they are something you can argue. For example, trying to argue something that is an assumption can end with you not having any research at all and a failing grade. On the other hand, making sure what you are trying to argue is fact and, therefore, can be argued, will result in a strong paper.

Finding a thesis can be a challenge but you can find help. The tips and examples above can help you create a strong thesis and in turn a strong paper.

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