Planning Tips For Writing An Effective Essay About The Healthy Way Of Life

What can you get from this article?

Writing effectively means doing right things. That means it is not always necessary to follow all the instructions, exactly the way I have mentioned here. But do remember that these ideas, which you are about to read in this article are those that I have experienced and now telling them to you, which means they have been tested, and they do work. So it is advisable that you read them, take the gist out of them and apply your own ideas into the mine to get better output.

What you need to do before you start?

Before you start writing anything, you will have to get to know certain things, for which you will have to do your homework, i.e. do some research. Start your research and keep continuing it until you get the feeling that, yes, I have gained enough insights required to craft an essay about this topic.

Do your homework:

In this case, you will have to understand first and foremost the lifestyle. What kind of lifestyles the people are currently following and how it affects their health both in a positive as well as negative direction. Before you get deeper into a problem, you must look at the things from a bird’s eye view, i.e. get to know the ins and outs of what you are looking for. And for that you need to get to know all things like, what kind of foods they take in, what level of physical activities they do, the level of mental stress they undergo and what they do to relax their mind and so on. Once you have studied their way of behavior, you will have to provide solutions to them.

How to give a better start, and then carry the same effect to the end?

So if you want to write an effective essay, start with the background work of research either online or offline, then begin your essay with questions targeted towards your target readers in such a way that these questions would increase their want to continue reading your essay rather than wanting to leave. Then from the second paragraph onwards start focusing on answering those questions, try to quote real time examples whenever and wherever possible, this is because people usually will be more interested to read real time things rather than just your ideas, I mean ideas would be great, but then, real time examples would be more effective.

In your answers cover things like foodies, the way they need to consume them, how fast the world today is and how busy the lives of the people are, what they are missing because of this tight schedule and how they can fill those gaps so that despite the busy schedule they can do everyday tasks required to keep them fit and strong, both mentally and physically. Also, you can include what people can do to relax to get out of the everyday stress, of course, though most of the people know, do include the sleeping habits, what they need to do.

A suggestion with a real time example:

Of course, many of the concepts are already written in 100s and 100s of articles that you can find on the internet. So you will have to write all that I have mentioned, but in a way that creates interests in the people to read, say, for example, a real-time example out of my own life. I was asked to prepare and present on CO2 (carbon dioxide). What do you think I would have done? I was just wondering what to do because it is a topic that many, no, all of you know about. People won’t just listen to me if I start telling that it is a colorless and odorless gas that is used by plants for so and so purpose and so on. So I did a research and prepared a presentation. In my presentation, I talked about how electricity can be created using CO2, how long does it take to disperse in the atmosphere, increase in the no. of clouds because of CO2. Now tell me aren’t these topics interesting? All of my friends listened to the presentation with pin drop silence and full concentration.


You can also get the full attention of your readers, only things that you will have to remember are, follow my instructions and to the research part, give more importance to it. Once you do them, I am sure your article would be great.

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