Myths Students Should Stop Believing:

It doesn’t matter if you are a student or an inspiring writer, essay writing has always been surrounded by bogus beliefs that work only to discourage people from giving it their best effort to write the best work they can. In some of the most extreme cases, these beliefs have been so paralyzing that it caused many students to simply abandon their assignments altogether, opting to take a failing grade instead. Here’s a list of 5 myths students should absolutely stop believing:

Myth #1: Great Writers Are Born, Not Made

No one really knows where this belief originated from, but it certainly seems like the kind of thing some self-proclaimed writer trying to boost his own importance and try to keep others from meeting up to or challenging that level of success. The reality is, however, that just like every other skill in the world one needs to work hard and have patience. Anyone can become a better writer at any point in their lives simply by putting in the work that is required, without making compromises or taking shortcuts.

Myth #2: Writing is Boring

There’s no denying that writing essays can be a bit tedious for many students, but the fact is that it’s never boring. The belieft might have developed from the belief that it seems like an entirely unnecessary exercise in futility, an irrelevant task that doesn’t prove or disprove one’s ability to think critically. But almost without fail as soon as you take on the writing essays the process becomes addicting. It turns into a kind of insightful journey filled with discovery, critical thinking and application.

Myth #3: Writing Papers is Hard

When you finally learn it becomes one of the most natural things to you. Essay writing is no different. The only thing you really need to do get started and write an effective paper is draft a flowchart of all the tasks you need to complete – brainstorm, create an outline, write a thesis statement, write drafts, revise drafts, etc. When you break your assignment into several parts it becomes much more manageable and automatic. If anything the hardest part might be coming up with a good topic, but even this is pretty easy as you begin to ask critical questions.

Smart Way Of Writing Good Essays:

Myth #4: Only Geniuses Can Write Great Essays

We have absolutely no idea where this comes from, other than the thought that when someone can’t do something as easily as others we tend to assume that it’s impossible to achieve their level of success. Great essays come from within the writer. Once you’re clear about what you wish to write about as well as what you aim to accomplish with your writing, you should be able to write a great paper without much trouble. Remember that your papers will be judged by how passionate you are about a specific topic and how well you manage to express yourself.

Myth #5: Writing Requires Divine Inspiration

If any part of this belief were true then nothing great would ever get written. For creative writers, even the smallest grain of an idea is enough to spur him or her forward through pages of great content. For academic writers, a question or an opinion can do the same. It’s said that creative juices flow optimally when they are actually put to work. Your inspiration will never come unless you get down and get to work. Trust your thoughts and you’ll be writing excellent pieces in no time. All you have to do is put in the work and have confidence in yourself.

Myth #6: You need to pay for help

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